Imagine, What food in the future will be like?

Humans have developed the production of food ingredients from various sources for thousands of years. Whether it's mixing different ingredients for deliciousness, for health benefits or various ways of preserving food such as fermentation, pickling for longer storage.

The problem is that in the future, people will have more and more populations. Food will not be able to meet people's demand, insects are one of the best alternatives. With high beneficial and versatile nutrients, some of them are classified as superfoods, such as House Cricket, not just an alternative source of protein but also has an environmentally friendly production process, more sustainable than any other sources. And very few processing steps.

Many people may have a negative perception of insects or crickets that look unappetizing and dirty. But you can be confident in our products because we carefully select fresh crickets from a closed or semi-closed farming process that is certified to be clean, safe and free from contamination. For centuries our ancestors used to eat insects as one of the staple foods.In ancient Greek and Roman, insects were consumed especially among the elite. And it is a very delicious snack too.

Today, there are more than 2,000 species of edible insects around the world. Insect consumption cultures are very common in many countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, or in Scandinavia and the Mediterranean, or the southern continent of Africa, etc.

We present the consumption of crickets in both whole body and powder form, which are used as ingredients in various dishes, giving them an umami flavor and nutty aroma, also adding nutritional value, even higher. Such as in our restaurant, BOUNCE Burger by The Bricket.

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